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Christmas Dinner Open Homes Deventer

Do you live (near) Deventer and are you not sure who to celebrate Christmas yet? On 25 December, people will open their homes to you, because it’s way better to celebrate together!

Sign up below if you would like to be invited. Sign-ups close on 23 December.

Woon je in (de buurt van) Deventer en weet je nog niet met wie je Kerst gaat vieren? Op 25 december stellen mensen hun huis voor je open, want samen vieren is veel leuker! Schrijf je hieronder in als je uitgenodigd wilt worden. De inschrijving sluit op 23 december.
(Ook je huis openstellen? Neem dan even contact met ons op.)

Welcome to City Light Deventer. A place to feel home. At City Light Deventer we want to experience the reality of God's presence through worship, the sincerity of God's people through fellowship, and the truth of God's word through relevant teaching. All of Jesus for the city of Deventer and its inhabitants. A movement that believes in Jesus, that loves God and loves people. Overwhelmed by the gift of salvation we have found in Jesus, we have a heart for authentic worship, are passionate about the local churches and are on mission to see God's kingdom established across the earth. 

We are a movement that believes in Jesus, that loves God and loves people. Our focus is on Jesus, in everything. “All of Jesus,” because we're a complete transformation in our lives through His Spirit. Scripture tells us that “the same power that raised Jesus from the grave is at work within us.” If we believe that, then our lives change. “All of Jesus,” because we also believe that it's possible to believe things about Jesus but not surrender our lives to Him. We want to offer the hope only He can provide to the world's marginalized and overlooked, also in the city of Deventer. Not just for us; we're redeemed for other people. We're about taking “All of Jesus” to “All the World” - that's why we take His loving message to our neighbors, to the streets of Deventer and to the nations that have come to our neighborhoods. See what we believe here

Because we have experienced His love, His hope, and His mercy first-hand, we are therefore able to make Him known to all people in every segment of society. This is our call.

We do not compete with existing churches in Deventer, but wish to complement them. That's why we will not organize church services in Deventer on Sunday mornings. For this we would like to refer to one of the existing churches in Deventer such as the Pentecostal/Evangelical Church Oase Deventer, Baptist Church of Deventer, Pentecostal Church Leef! Deventer, Dutch Reformed Koningskerk Deventer, Evangelical Emmanual Church of Deventer, ICF Deventer or one of the other churches.

We do organize various meetings at times other than Sunday mornings. To allow Deventer to have an experience with Jesus Christ and to show His Light in the city of Deventer in every possible way.

Looking for a pastor? Do not hesitate to contact us.

Interested in our activities or would you like to join us and become part of the City Light Deventer movement? Leave your details here so  we can contact you and keep you informed.

We look forward to meeting you soon, 

Leida & Hans Borghuis