What compels us is the love of Christ...

(2 Corinthians 5:14-16)

A passionate international speaker, modern pastor and preacher. Hans Borghuis leads church services weekly, interdenominational, in the Netherlands and abroad. Hans also trains, guides and coaches in churches and organizations.

Hans speaks at conferences and events, for (church) leaders, student associations, men's, women's and youth groups. Practical and pure, from the Bible, focused on everyday life. Hans also regularly speaks and trains outside the Netherlands. Especially in Italy, where he has a special relationship with the church of Verbania. Hans has a lot of experience in the field of church planting, congregation building, discipleship, evangelism, mission and youth work.

Hans worked for various Christian organizations: a Bible school, an organization for church planting and evangelization, a Christian foundation for people on the margins of society, the internationally known Alpha course and a mission organization. You can read his resume here.

Now Hans is connected to the globally operating organization: The Christian And Missionary Alliance. All of Jesus for All the World. Because we have experienced His love, hope, and mercy first-hand, we are compelled to make Him known to all people in every segment of society, worldwide.

Would you like to invite Hans to a church service, training, presentation or counseling process? Fill in the contact form. Due to the full agenda, it is unfortunately not always possible to respond to all requests.

On the References page you will find an overview of places where Hans has spoken before or will speak soon. Would you like more information or do you have a special request? Please contact us via email or WhatsApp.


We want to help young people and the elderly to give concrete shape to their Christian life. To actually live out being a Christian. That is why we talk about current themes that affect everyday life.


So that our light shines before the people, they see our good deeds and give glory to our Father in Heaven. As salt of the earth and light in the world. (Matt.5:16) In this way the world will see who God is, in this way people will experience the love of Jesus. It is important to know what we believe in order to put it into practice every day.

We want to equip, encourage and help people to live the Christian life and to be able to explain what it means to believe. We do this by speaking in churches, during events, for associations, various groups and organizations. And by setting up, training and supervising short or longer processes with churches, congregations or groups.

All of Jesus for all the world!