Wonders in Tuscany

We recently came into contact with a very energetic lady in Italy. She is a retired lawyer and used to traveling around the world. Not long ago she bought a large house in a town in southeastern Tuscany, with the intention of organizing retreats here in the future.

But now fantastic things are happening in this Tuscan city. So she started praying for people, healings take place, there are miraculous testimonies and people come to faith. And they come back because they want to know more about God, about Jesus, about Who it is who healed them.

This created a need for more frequent meetings; the nearest church is 45 minutes by car. But she herself does not know how she could start and lead a church - which is actually already emerging - and she asks for help.

Typically, members of a small evangelical church in northern Italy are willing to travel six hours there - and six hours back the next day - to organize monthly Sunday services in this city with a team. Passionate and driven to help and bring the gospel here too. A great initiative of course, but not enough to create something sustainable.

Church planters
The people in this Tuscan town would be incredibly helped by church planters who can further shape the meetings and from there reach more people in this region - with very few Christians - with the great news of Jesus Christ. As a church planter, you could hardly wish for a better starting point... 

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