Hans en Leida Borghuis

What compels us is the love of Christ! 

(2 Corinthians 5:14-16)

We are Leida & Hans Borghuis. We have an incredible passion for the message of Jesus, for His love and the opportunity He offers to everyone for a new life. We also have a passion for people, for ordinary people like ourselves and for those who face difficulties in any form. And of course we have a passion for those who do not yet know Jesus, we wish everyone the love and powerful change only He can bring. Read more about our faith and mission here.

We grew up in the Protestant Church in the Netherlands, did intensive youth work for years, started the Alpha course from our church and did a lot of pastoral and missionary work. When we worked for the Alpha course Netherlands we encountered many different churches with different backgrounds and different denominations. This grew our love for the church, from Reformed to Evangelical and from Baptist to Pentecostal and everything that does not fall under this. The church in its entire breadth and with all its differences (including intercultural and international) is in all its fullness the representation of Jesus here on earth. We long for churches to be missionally present and to make Jesus visible to the world around them in their environment.

We currently work with many different churches at home and abroad. We provide training and equipment and are focused on making Jesus visible to the young and older generations, for all cultures and backgrounds. In Italy we have been involved for many years in local churches (in particular the Church of Verbania, a church composed of different cultures and different generations and with a large number of young people) and missionary projects. We also work with various organizations, including work among refugees and refugee children, a shelter for women who are victims of sexual abuse, missionary organizations, church planting projects, etc.

We regularly supervise students from missionary courses and Bible schools, for example, who go on an internship. We also spend a lot of time with youth groups, among other groups that go on a mission trip.

We see that the work is continuing to expand and that opportunities to collaborate in other countries are also emerging and more new initiatives. The result of this is that we travel a lot and make use of the power of the various networks. We connect people, churches, groups and organizations, we provide training, equipment and advice and we are open to various forms of collaboration.

Leida works in the Netherlands for Eleos, a specialist in Christian mental health care. Hans is affiliated with the international organization The Christian and Missionary Alliance and is speaker and pastor.

We like to work together where possible.
Do not hesitate to contact us, We look forward to hear from you! 

Leida & Hans Borghuis